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Understanding hybrid inverters

Understanding hybrid inverters

South Africans are faced with the unfortunate reality of loadshedding which are causing businesses to suffer, and millions are lost as productivity drops. Households and businesses are looking for alternative power sources to make it through this “dark age”. The good news is, there is a solution to power outages. Installing a hybrid invertor system from Gentech is all you’ll need to put an end to all this inconvenience. Which makes us the right choice in the event of a power outage.​ Trust Gentech, to give you reliable power when you need it.

What is a hybrid inverter?

A hybrid inverter, also known as a grid-tied inverter or a battery-based inverter, combines two separate components into a single unit. Your home’s appliances require alternating current (AC) electricity, which is generated by solar panels, to operate. An inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity. To store and discharge electricity from a solar panel system with a battery, you’ll need a separate battery-specific inverter to convert the electricity back and forth from AC to DC current. A hybrid inverter can act as both an inverter and a battery inverter, so you don’t need a separate battery inverter when you pair your solar panel system with one. Even though hybrid inverters include storage, you can install them without batteries; in fact, many people use hybrid inverters pre-emptively for future battery additions.

Benefits of hybrid inverters

Inverters with hybrid technology have many advantages – here are some to keep in mind when comparing inverter solutions:

Resiliency – You can run on solar power even if the grid goes down with hybrid inverters that are both on- and off-grid capable.

Monitoring – You can monitor the performance of your solar panels and batteries through the same platform.

Retrofit battery storage installations – One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid inverter is that it combines the functionality of two separate pieces of equipment into one. This can mean an easier installation process for your solar installer.

At Gentech, we have the top-quality hybrid inverter:


This 800-Watt Hybrid Inverter System comes with a 1-year warranty.

This 1000VA (800W) 12V model is powered by 240V AC and has a nominal 12V DC solar input. With a charging current of 50A±1A max and an output voltage of 230VAC±10%, the frequency measured on a modified sine wave is 50/60Hz 0,1Hz. Low battery voltage in battery mode triggers an audible alarm every 2 seconds; overload triggers an alarm every 0,5 seconds, and fault triggers a continuous alarm. Temperatures between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius are ideal for the inverter. Ideal for home, contractors,